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Archive of Blog: December 2012

Kazakh customs associated with the birth of a child
Rubric: Kazakh culture.

There are many wonderful and wise traditions in Kazakhstan. From early years the nomads have been keeping the human life, guided by the signs of Great Steppe. Every generation, not depending on the ep...

Legend about the origin of the lake Burabay (Borovoe)
Rubric: Kazakh legends and mythes

 God created earth, people, nations and began to pass round mountains, lakes, rivers plains and fertile lands. He handed everything to all, but only the Kazakhs got the endless steppe. Then the s...

Legend about dombra
Rubric: Kazakh legends and mythes

In ancient times two brothers-giants lived in the Altai highlands. The younger brother had dombra, and he loved very much to play it. He forgot about everything in the world when he began to play domb...

Kazakh legend about love of Aisha Bibi
Rubric: Kazakh legends and mythes

In the village Aisha Bibi of Jamby region in 18 kilometers from Taraz town there is a mausoleum of Aisha Bibi.There are no authentic facts about the construction of the mausoleum. However there is the...