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Kazakh national games

Published: 28 january 2014
  Kazakh national games took a great and important role in the life of the Kazakh people. It is known that they put people in good spirits, gave strength, agility and endurance. Most of these games have a competitive nature.

  Kokpar. Two groups of riders take a part in this game. There was a goat carcass (kokpar) at a distance of 50-60 steps from competitors. Who first picks the carcass up from the ground, the other horsemen had to take it. This struggle between the players continued until the evening. If two groups participate in kopkar, the winner is the team whose player reaches the finish line first. In this competition, horsemen demonstrated agility, strength, accuracy, ability to stay in the saddle.

  Ak suyek – White bone. Ak suyek is usually played in the bright summer nights, when the moon is bright. Young horsemen, women and children participate in the game. The main aim of the game is to find a bone of cattle. Participants in the game are divided into 2 groups. Leading throws a bone and gives a command “Search”. Everybody look for a bone. The finder declares loudly: “I found it!” and runs in the direction of start. Others players try to catch up with him.

  Kazakh national games are closely related to the art of the people. First of all, it is a tradition and heritage of the people. There were marked out many capable and talented people.

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