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Nature of Kazakhstan

Ecotourism in Kazakhstan
Rubric: Nature of Kazakhstan

There’s something unique and special in each country that attracts tourists from other countries. And Kazakhstan isn’t an exception. Why Kazakhstan is so attractive for tourists? First of ...

Cryptic Bektau-Ata
Rubric: Nature of Kazakhstan

There’s tract Bektau-Ata just in 60 km from Balhash city. It attracts not only tourists but local people. Bektau-Ata is a real oasis in the semi-desert. There’s also underground river Tokr...

Aksu Dzhabagly
Rubric: Nature of Kazakhstan

  Aksu Dzhabagly is one of the oldest and the first reserves in Central Asia, located in the southern part of Kazakhstan, in the spur of the Western Tien Shan at an altitude from 1000 to 4280 met...

Charyn Canyon
Rubric: Nature of Kazakhstan

Canyon  Charyn (kaz.Sharyn) is situated along the river Charyn in Kazakhstan(200 km from Almata), stretches out at 154 km. Also known as “The Valley of castles”, ”Stone bag&rdqu...

Rubric: Nature of Kazakhstan

  In the Northern Kazakhstan, between Astana and Kokchetav there is a wonderful region, real oasis – Borovoe. Geographically this place is named Kokchetav elevation, but the local guides ca...

Rubric: Nature of Kazakhstan

  Bayanaul means “rich and happy mountains” from Mongol-Turkic. Bayanaul National Park has been declared since 1985. Zhasybai and Toraigyr Lakes are the main property of the park. One...