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Cryptic Bektau-Ata

Published: 04 may 2015

tract Bektau-Ata There’s tract Bektau-Ata just in 60 km from Balhash city. It attracts not only tourists but local people. Bektau-Ata is a real oasis in the semi-desert. There’s also underground river Tokrau at this place that gives fresh water to whole city.   

Bektau-Ata translates as “a mountain of saint elder Bek”. Elder lived in cave that is at the top of the mountain at tract Bektau-Ata many years ago. Pink granite rocks are volcanic lava, that is stuck in the cracks of the earth.

Scientists told that there was a volcano at Paleozoic era, but it couldn’t go outside of the earth. Thus a huge cork of granite was formed and this cork completely closed the mouth of the volcano. Volcanic formations are very interesting and look like layers of the pie. That’s why there’re a lot of legends around this place.

A legend of the elder

Many years ago a saint elder lived in a village of tract Bektau-Ata. One day enemies came at this place and local people had to leave their houses. But they couldn’t pass through the river.

Then elder waved his hand and the river divided into 2 parts, so locals could go to other side. Local people went on their way, but the saint elder went into a cave in the mountain. In parting he said: "This is your land. I retire to a cave in the mountain. If you need something - come to the cave and tell your wishes.tract Bektau-Ata

The cave Amangeldi

Local people often come to this place for the rest. The main sightseeing of the tract Bektau-Ata is the cave Amangeldi. It’s always cool here at any season, even in the hot weather. Because of enhanced condensate there appeared a lake with fresh water. The length of the cave is more than 30 meters. It’s necessary to pass tortuous course and steep climb to come to the lake. 

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