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Turkestan is a city in the South Kazakhstan region, the city of the regional submission.
The first city settlement (Shavgar) arised on this place in about 500 A.D. later it was Yassy (Yasy) which was the part of Tamerlane State, the capital of the Kazakh khanate till the 18 century.
Turkestan has the railway station on the route Orenburg- Tashkent. Light and food industries, producing of construction materials were highly developed. There is a large market and the biggest university of Central Asia – International Kazakh – Turkish University after Khodja Akhmet Yassaviy (22 000 of students).
Today’s Turkestan (from 1968 it is the city of the South Kazakhstan regional submission) of 24 000 square kilometers, and population of 120 000 becomes large industrial, educational and cultural center, the center of local and international tourism. 13 industrial objects successfully work in the city, among which the largest are: Yasy ginnery joint-stock company KPO, machine-building factory KUAT, joint-stock company Turkestan agro-remmash, knitted goods factory, factory of antibiotic industry, Kazakh and England joint company “PARABE” on bandaging material producing. In 1994 Turkestan University with 13 faculties was opened here.
Khodja Akhmet Yassaviy mausoleum is a huge longitudinal and axial portal and domical construction. It has the size of 46,5 x 65,5 meters. The thickness of inner walls is 1,8-2 meters, central part is 3 meters.
The building has a huge portal and many domes. More than 35 premises of different assignment are joined round its central hall – kazanlyk.
Kazanlyk is covered with the biggest break dome in Kazakhstan, which remained in Central Asia. The diameter of the dome is 18,2 meters.
For the Turks kazan was the symbol of unity and hospitality. That is why its size and inner decoration was of special importance. The Turkestan kazan has no equal. Its diameter is 2,45 meters, weight is two tones, it is produced from the alloy of seven metals.
The walls of the mausoleum are of burnt bricks. The technological cleanness of the producing was brought to perfection. The revetment of the north portal is amazing; the door of the burial vault is fretted and has the thin bone construction.
In terms of size Khodja Akhmet Yassaviy mausoleum is equal to Bibi-Khanum mosque in samarkand (Uzbekistan).

Places of interest:
Khanaka (mausoleum) of the end of the XV century on the tomb of Khodja Akhmet Yassaviy – the famous Sufi
tombs of the famous Kazakh khans Esimkhan, Ablay khan, Abulkhair khan and others.
Burial ground  of Kazybek bi, one of the creators of the first Kazakh code of laws “Jety Jargy”
Railway station (1905) – architectural monument.
In 2000 the city celebrated 1500 year anniversary.  In accordance with the event plan 1271,3 million of tenge or more than 10 million of US dollars were used for the capital construction.

City sights