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5 Wonders of Kazakhstan by National Geographic

Published: 29 march 2019

1National Geographic presented a list of 5 must-to-see places in Kazakhstan. The list includes not only popular destinations but also non-touristic places. Some of them often are ignored.  

1. Lake Kaindy - one of the most beautiful places of Kazakhstan. It was formed after a strong earthquake, when the valley was filled with water.

2. The Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi considered one of the greatest in Central Asia. It is a whole complex of mosques and tombs of famous people.

3. Mosque Beket-Ata is located deep under the ground and it is a holy place, where a great number of pilgrims come each year.

4. The mountainous terrain Bectauata located near Lake Balkhash. A special feature of this area is in great contrast with the environment and it’s often called an oasis in the desert.

5. Baiterek Tower is a large structure (105 meters) and is located in Astana. The monument is a symbol of the close ties with national traditions and values.