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Panfilov Park

  Panfilov Park was built in the 19th century, at that time it was called the City garden. In 1899 the park became Pushkin garden, and after the Revolution it was called the Park in honor of died fighters for freedom. In 1942 it was named Panfilov Park in honor of twenty-eight fighters of Panfilov.

  The park is a rectangle, surrounded by the Holy Ascension Cathedral, built in 1907. In 1982 a list of monuments of history and culture of Kazakhstan national importance was made, which included three objects: Ascension Cathedral, Memorial of Glory and the building of a museum of folk instruments.

  There are many legends about the Ascension Cathedral, built in the park. One of them says that the building of the cathedral was built without a single nail. By assumption of engineers, construction of the building took 132 pounds of nails. The main entrance to the park is decorated with flags. There is a monument of Major General Panfilov, Hero of the Soviet Union here.

  Panfilov Park is one of the main sights of the capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty, preserving a lot of amazing legends and stories.

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