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  Nursery engaged in breeding of endangered species of birds was opened in Kazakhstan in 1989. Originally there were only 13 individuals taken from Almaty zoo. Today, it has 435 species birds of prey. The main purpose of "Sunkar" is the breeding and conservation of their population in the wild.

  During this time the nursery was realeased 700 birds into the wild. This project is unique that it is the only which breeds birds in order to release them into wild nature, so it allows the birds, grown in the nursery, to breed in the natural environment. The famous ornithologist Nicolay Berezovikov says that golden eagle has a special cultural value in Kazakhstan. According to historical literature, this bird has a connection with old traditions of the Kazakh people. It is known that golden eagle hunting arose on this earth. It is worth mentioning that golden eagle is the national symbol of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as it is depicted on the national flag. Experts believe that this method will be the scientific discovery on preservation of the number of endangered birds of prey.

  With this purpose the territory of protected areas is increased that helped to save many endangered species of birds of prey, including golden eagles. Despite this, scientists say that if we don’t protect eagles today, these birds can disappear on the territory of Kazakhstan.

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