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Mausoleum of Alash-khan

Among the monuments of Central Kazakhstan, the mausoleum of Alash-khan (ХIII century) is distinguished by its architectural and art features. The mausoleum is situated in Ulytau district of Karaganda region in 2 km. to the Southwest from Malshybay village on the right bank of the river Karakengir. The architecture of the mausoleum is unknown. There is a version that Alash-khan was a son of one famous ruler of Central Asia (Abdolla-khan, Kyzyl Arystan-khan, Abdul Aziz-khan).
Due to strict proportions of elements of the composition, successful combinations and restrained architectural décor, the building looks unbroken and monumentally majestic that is increased with its favorable location on the hill.
The mausoleum was built from breaks, but for the decoration of window and door openings wood was used. In the center of the main façade there is a two-leafed door, behind of which there is a deep two- arched niche. The niche is framed in a deep two-colored stripe and decorated with figured breaks. From two sides of the facade the hexahedral columns are set. Every column is leaned on three hemispheres, two of which are entire, and the third one is for the base of the column. This style is met very seldom in the architecture of Central Asia.
In 1982 the mausoleum of Alash-khan was included to the list of historical and cultural monuments of the Kazakh SSR of the republic significance and was taken under the protection of the government.

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