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Kaindy Lake

Kaindy Lake is located in one of the gorges Kungey Alatau, at the altitude 1867 meters above sea level. The lake was named like this due to a birch grove, located five kilometers away. This fantastic place is popular among tourists because of spruces and pines, which grow from the lake. The water depth of 21 meters, the length of the pond about four meters.  

 This unusual lake was formed because of the earthquake in 1910. Landslides blocked the gorge and filled it with water, the whole pine forest was sunk, and the tops of the water stayed above the water. The water is so clear that tree trunks are seen under its waters. There are rocky slopes and cliffs around the lake Kaindy.

 It is noteworthy that the water itself is changed to blue color. It caused by that once there used to be lime and other minerals under water. These minerals give water so unusual and at the same time beautiful color. Having been in Kazakhstan, be sure to visit this magnificent great place, as to tell in words all this splendor just is impossible. 

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