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Naurzum nature reserve

  Naurzum nature reserve was opened on June 30, 1931. In 1952 the national park was closed, but in 1966 it was renovated again. Its main aim is the preservation of rare and unique nature complexes in original condition, as well as flora and fauna of northern Kazakhstan. The reserve area is 87694 hectares.

  The climate is continental. It is hot in summer and much snow in winter. The average July temperature is 19,3-24,2 ° C (maximum 41,6 ° C), the average January temperature is -17-18 ° C (the minimum to -45,7 ° C). 687 species of plants are registered in Naurzum reserve. There are a lot of birch trees in the national park but the special ones are Kyrgyz birches, which are found only in the Northern Kazakhstan. Here you can see such mammals as badger, hare, squirrel, jerboa, marmot, as well as such birds as swans, grouse, partridge (white and gray), eagle, owl, woodpeckers and many others. You can also see here more than 150 species of birds. The national heritage of Naurzum reserve is roe deer. Fish fauna includes 10 species: gold and silver carps are very popular here. The river is inhabited by pike, roach and perch. Here you can also see predators: fox, wolf, lynx, ermine and badgers.

  New phase of reserve expansion was implemented on January 26, 2004 according to the decree of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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